new toy!!!!!!

6 years 9 months ago #1 by lithiumbaby
new toy!!!!!! was created by lithiumbaby
So I was at the Verizon store getting my new phone activated. While I was waiting to be helped I couldn't help but to look around. While I was looking around they had a nice new shiny camera for sale. It's the Samsung galaxy camera. 16mp, optical 21, 23mm wide zoom lens. This camera is loaded but the pixel ratio could be a bit higher. It's a cool camera because you can surf the net, edit and load all your pic right from the camera to the internet. It takes decent pictures. Have you guys heard of it or have one yourselves? What do you think about it or was it a waste of money. I'm no serious photographer like some of you guys but it sure beats the hell out of my camera phone.


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