Life Without People...on The History Channel

10 years 4 months ago #1 by riada
Last night this episode was on: "In the post-apocalyptic world, man's mysterious relics meet very different fates, including those in a site in the U.S. called the "Crypt of Civilization". Other crypts, safes, and time capsules are exposed to new threats. An abandoned Mental Hospital in Connecticut (The Norwich State Hospital, located in Preston, Connecticut and Norwich, Connecticut, was a mental health facility for almost a century, from October 1905 to its closure on October 10. 1996.) offers clues regarding man's ability to preserve records"
Its a very good program, very interesting in its main theme, and the of course theres the actual abandonments that they use as examples!!

Nor but in sleep findeth a cure for care.
Incertainty that once gave scope to dream
Of laughing enterprise and glory untold,
Is now a blackness that no stars redeem.

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