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So as you may or may not know that my eldest ferret died last month. Now my now two oldest are sick as well. They had some blood work done and it didn't look good. Meeka' kidneys are failing and she's lost mot of her fur which is caused by adrenal glad disease. They gave her a lupron shot which helps the adrenal glad from pumping out too much hormones. Mungo has a huge tumor on his spleen and has been lethargic and unhappy when just two days ago he was hopping around dooking. The vet really had some grim news for the both of them but Mungo has a chance if he gets his spleen removed. For the last three nights or so they were not feeling well at all. If you ever have had ferrets you know they are rather active when awake and their eyes are nice and bright which these two were not. They were sluggish and squinty eyed. So in short because I really could go on they both have a type of cancer and there are several different cancers ferrets will generally get at some point and time of their lives.

Than tonight I see a huge improvement in Meeka. She pepped up and snatched some treats out of my hand and even was doing some tricks I taught her. The vet had such a grim outlook for her he didn't think she would make it another week. This gives me great hope that the lupron is working! I even had Mungo up and about which is awesome! Though it's not uncommon for cancers to go into a remission and return. If it does go into some sort of remission, I'm gonna do what I can to keep it from flaring up again. This gives me great hope to hold on to because some of you guys know how much I love my ferrets. I'll keep you guys posted for more improvements.


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